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Redstar Aviation Introduces "Second Challenger 605" to its Fleet in Just Three Months…


Following the expansion of our fleet with the first Bombardier Challenger 605 in July 2021, we are now proud to announce that a second Bombardier Challenger 605 (CL 605) is dedicatedly ready for air ambulance missions as of now, in line with the increasing customer demand and in consequence of the success of the first CL 605.

Same as the previous one, second CL 605 can also be configured to accommodate up to three stretcher patients staffed with four medical crew members. State-of-the-art medical equipment and 25.000+ LT oxygen capacity allows for patients of all clinical severity to be transported greater distances. The CL 605 aircraft is also equipped with a wider 22’ (55 cm) stretcher mattress, providing additional stability and comfort to patients.