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Type Rating Training

Market leaders with an unbeatable track record – so you can learn from the best.

Redstar Aviation’s Type Rating Training program features a variety of courses for pilots and flight examiners to reach the next level in their career. Ranging from AW 139 Type rating to compulsory examiner exams, Redstar Aviation’s top-notch-training-facilty has it all.

Type Rating Training
Type Rating Training
Type Rating Training
Type Rating Training

A global market leader in aviation, Redstar Aviation’s training instructors not only know their field, but are equipped with the latest technology, training methods and real-life-experience, accumulating to a never-seen-before training experience. Redstar Aviation’s students train with the best of their industry, assuring that every student leaves the training with the utmost confidence in their job.

Redstar Aviation’s ATO supports the third-party clients training needs such as Recurrent Trainings and Pilot Type Ratings by its own TRIs and TREs. Redstar Aviation’s ATO utilizes its own aircrafts and Full Motion Flight Simulator (FSTD Level-B) for Leonardo AW 139 (EASA Approval No. is EU-UKGH546) as dry lease in combination with modern classrooms and the latest training tools for Redstar Aviation’s students. Additional training methods and device capabilities such as Virtual Interactive Procedural Training can be added to the training possibilities.

Redstar Aviation’s Type Rating training offers the following courses:

  • AW139 Type Rating Pilot Ground Course
  • AW139 Ground Recurrent
  • AW139 Type Rating Pilot Flight Course
  • AW139 CPL/ATPL Recurrent Flight Checks
  • Type Rating and Synthetic Flight Instructor Course (TRI/SFI)
  • Type Rating and Synthetic Flight Examiner Courses (TRE/SFE)
  • Compulsory Examiner Seminar
  • Examiner Standardization Course (A/H)

Reach out to the Redstar Aviation’s team for further information on scheduled training courses or let us put together an individual solution for you and your pilot crew.