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A true pioneer in its field…

Redstar Aviation also provides Off-shore Support services to various members of the Oil and Gas Industry. Services include logistically supporting drilling and exploration platforms, vessels and installations located off-shore or on-shore, personnel and Cargo Transfer, medical support, Search and Rescue (SAR) Operations with its dedicated fleet of twin-engine aircraft and risk assessments, emergency management, occupational health services with its experienced staff.


Being a recognized partner for many major clients in the field, Redstar Aviation was also heavily involved in numerous Black Sea drilling projects and became a service provider for BTC, BP, Petrobras, Exxon Mobil, Chevron Texaco, SAIPEM and ENI. During these projects, Redstar Aviation was able to satisfy the very highest quality and safety standards of every client involved, making it the number one solution for off-Shore & on-shore missions.

Services included:

  • Logistics Support and Helicopter Emergency Medical Services,
  • Alarm Center Support Services,
  • 24/7 Liaison Services,
  • Health Risk Assessment,
  • Occupational Health Inspection Services,
  • Medical Services (Hospital Admission, ground ambulance services and case management),
  • On-site Medical Services

In addition, Redstar Aviation’s involvement in the Energy Sector also includes aerial support services for on-shore oil and gas exploration projects, pipeline construction projects and the construction and development of power stations.

Some highlights of Redstar Aviation in Oil & Gas Industry:

  • Botaş / BTC Crude Oil Pipeline Project
  • BP / BTC Crude Oil Pipeline Project
  • BP / Black Sea Oil Exploration Project
  • Chevron-Texaco / Mardin Oil Exploration Project
  • Max Streicher Haustadt & Timmermann Gunsail and Alarko / BTC Crude Oil Pipeline Project
  • SAIPEM SpA / Samsun Blue Stream Project
  • Bechtel Enka J.V. / Aliaga Power Plant Project
  • Philip Morris Int. / Torbalı Production Plant
  • Petrobras Oil Gas B.V. / Black Sea Deep Water Oil Exploration Project
  • TPAO / Black Sea Deep Water Oil Exploration Project
  • Exxon Mobil / Black Sea Deep Water Oil Exploration Project
  • Sander Geophysics / Black Sea Airborne Geographical Survey
  • TPAO / Mediterranean Oil Exploration Project
  • TPAO / Black Sea Oil Exploration Project

Most importantly, all the above missions were flown without a single incident, accident, or safety-related event which has once again proven that Redstar Aviation is the safest option on-shore and off-shore.

Reach out to us for further information how we can help your clients and staff with your customized off-shore support.