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Challenger 605

Hauled as the ideal long-range aircraft for all Air Ambulance needs, the Bombardier Challenger 605 is perfectly suited for missions all around the globe. With an interior layout and configuration that focuses on intensive care, Redstar Aviation’s aircraft are equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment, large cabin space and multiple intensive care stretchers.

With a total capacity of 12 seats or up to three stretchers, the Challenger 605 is a one-stop solution for all medical and corporate needs. Truly a perfect aircraft for any long-haul demands.

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Learjet 45 XR

A strong performance, large cabin dimensions in its class, the Learjet 45XR is the perfect mid-haul Air Ambulance Aircraft. Medically suitable for any mission in combination with the capacity to feature a double stretcher with intensive care capabilities, the Learjet 45 XR is a perfect choice for medical transfers, including highly complex cases requiring specialized equipment.

A comfortable and quick aircraft, Redstar Aviation also operates its Learjets in business configuration to offer cost effective and reliable trips.

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Leonardo AW 139

As a leader in off-shore services, Redstar Aviation’s dedicated fleet of Leonardo AW 139 helicopters provide outstanding support to Redstar Aviation’s many clients in the Oil & Gas industry. Perfectly designed to meet all arising demands, the missions can range from personnel transfers, medical evacuations to equipment transfer – the Leonardo AW 139 does it all.

With twin engines, a safe and rather flexible aircraft, Redstar Aviation’s fleet of helicopters perfectly suits all of its client’s unique needs and will be developed further in the future.

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