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Challenger 605

Our four Challenger 605 – one of the most agile and well-performing aircraft in the industry – is the ideal aircraft for global missions. Outstanding performance combined with a spacious cabin allowing for both – Air Ambulance & Air Taxi Configuration – to transport patients and passengers with the utmost comfort and safety.

In addition to its aesthetic and ergonomic interior design, the Bombardier Challenger 605 also stands out for its state-of-the-art medical equipment- comparable to a well-equipped intensive-care unit in modern hospitals. The aircraft features a full set of equipment, including state-of-the-art intensive-care stretchers and potentially even Epishuttle isolation units. Designed for maximum safety and stability during medical missions, the Challenger’s cabin outline is suitable for all levels of medical care, including the use of an Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation device (ECMO). A true multi-talent, the Challenger 605 can operate single and multiple patient transports, always staffed with the most experienced medical teams.

Perfect Choice for Long-Range Missions

Being built to achieve a true global reach, the Challenger 605 is the ideal aircraft for all trips around the world - whether as a global jetsetter or patient on our Air Ambulance flights.

Superior Reliability

With an unbeatable dispatch reliability and with millions of flight hours flown all over the world, the Challenger 605 Aircraft is the number one choice for top-notch aircraft.



Technical Specification

System Specification



Crew: 2+1

Air Taxi Capacity: Up to 12 + 1 seats

Max. Endurance: 8 H

Air Ambulance Capacity:

1 ICU Stretcher / 8 + 1 seats

2 ICU Stretcher / 6 + 1 seats

3 ICU Stretcher / 2 + 1 seats





Maximum range: 4,000 NM 4,603 SM 7,408 KM
(Theoretical range with NBAA IFR reserves, ISA, 6 pax/2 crew, typical BOW and maximum allowable fuel. Actual range will be affected by speed, weather, selected options and other factors.)


Max. operating altitude: 

41,000 ft (12,497 m)

Initial cruise altitude:

37,000 ft (11,278 m)

Range Map