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Outstanding service, unparalleled expertise and unrivalled quality – Fleet management like you have never experienced before.
True to our slogan – A Company like no Other – at Redstar Aviation we thrive to make your journey in the air as comfortable and effortless as possible. With more than 30 years of experience in managing a global fleet and operations, Redstar Aviation aims to improve your flight quality with tailor-made solutions, while managing all aircraft operations for you.

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A one-stop-solution and trusted partner, Redstar Aviation fully manages your aircraft fleet for you. Ranging from Flight operations to CAMO, Recruiting and Training all the way to Cost Control – Redstar Aviation does it all. Find out more about how Redstar Aviation can take off the burden of maintaining your fleet from your shoulders so the only thing you have to worry about is where to go next.

Redstar Aviation’s Aircraft Management Solutions include the following:

Aircraft Management

Redstar Aviation provides exceptional management services to make your flying experience smoother. Redstar Aviation’s intercontinental air ambulance and air taxi experience with more than 30 years of fixed wing and rotary wing operation helps to create tailored and comprehensive solutions for our clients and their specific needs.

Flight Operations Management

While Redstar Aviation’s experienced in-house Dispatch and Operation Teams coordinate all necessary processes, the only remaining thing is to dream about the next flight. Redstar Aviation supervises and takes care of every detail - from flight crew licenses and certificates to flight permits and flight duty periods to ensure your ultimate safety and operability. Our proven and effective risk management culture helps to control different aspects of the risks at acceptable levels.


Assuring continuing airworthiness management keeps your aircraft flying – safe and economical. Redstar Aviation’s CAMO assures that your fleet is always up to standard and ready to take off. Maintenance inspections are monitored precisely beyond the legal requirements and status updates are shared periodically. 24x7 operation and exceptional engineering knowledge even makes an AOG like a regular maintenance task.

Flight Crew Recruitment & Training

When the aircraft is in the air, flight crews are solely responsible for your safety and comfort on board. Redstar Aviation manages your recruitment processes to find, evaluate and train the most suitable crew members for your needs. We offer cost and time effective solutions without losing on quality by utilizing our broad and advantageous partnerships with world’s best training providers.

Aircraft Acquisition

To ensure your comfort and safety, the first step is to purchase the appropriate aircraft fits your demands. Redstar Aviation supports you with aircraft listing, preliminary evaluation, aircraft shortlisting, contract making, pre-purchase inspection, document review and other services all the way until closing. Having purchased numerous aircraft, our experienced crew members coordinate all relevant multi-disciplinary processes for a smooth and hassle-free acquisition.

Insurance Management

Without doubt, your aircraft is one of the most valuable assets. Redstar Aviation assures the optimum insurance coverage tailored to your operation characteristics and needs. While the value of your assets is protected from the risks, you don’t even have to worry about the costs.

Ground Services Management

Redstar Aviation’s network of ground operations partners covers all parts of the world. Once you made your decision on where to go, Redstar Aviation filters and confirms the closest airports while coordinating all further services related to your trip – ranging from VIP transfer, crew transfer and accommodation, aircraft refueling, catering and ground handling – rest assured that Redstar Aviation handles it all.

Cost Control

Whether it is a commercial or private operation, every entity needs to monitor the operational cost and even control them. Redstar Aviation’s transparent reporting mechanism generates any basic or customized reports you would like to review in a timeframe you provided to make sure you always know where you stand. Redstar Aviation protects you from the any unannounced costs so you can focus on your journey only.

Reach out to us to find out how we can help you manage your fleet, save costs and optimize your crew – whatever you need, we have the solution for it.